We are Lajo Engineering.

Award Winning Telecommunication Engineer

We at Lajo practice transparent accountability, skillful contract execution and timely schedules for completion that have endeared the Company to a universe of contract awarding Authorities.

The sponsors and indeed technical management of the company have vast experience in technical field. The company has all the required documentations in this country and has financial capability and tools to undertake contracts. One of the sponsors/technical personnel obtains a telecommunications technical personnel license class A from Communication Authority of Kenya and is committed to supervise the works undertaken by this company. Lajo Engineering Works Limited is licensed by Communication Authority of Kenya as a Telecommunications Contractor’s License class A in Installations (I), Maintenance (M), Internal Wiring (W) and External Wiring (E) of both wireless and wireline systems. Lajo is also licensed by National Construction Authority (NCA) to undertake building/civil construction and Telecommunications works.

Majority of employees of Lajo Engineering previously worked with Telkom Kenya Limited where they gained experience in mobile networks, fiber works and other ICT equipment.

Transparent accountability, skillful contract execution and timely schedules for completion, have also endeared the Company to a universe of contract awarding Authorities. During their six years of Engineering services, they have not encountered any material deficiency, technical or otherwise that guaranteed severe reprimand but the occasional ones, which were instantly improved upon the established contractors. And the same spirit is being rekindled to higher echelons of competitive contract bidding, and thereby graduating into a construction service provider. Unless extremely otherwise, the sponsors hardly occasion interim contract variations in view of their technical and financial skills of expertise bidding.


The sponsors are at an advanced stage of recapitalizing the nominal share capital of the company to a minimum of about five million Kenya shillings (Kshs. 5,000,000).   However, the foregoing does not mitigate limitation, or inadequacy of the prevailing working capital, as the investors have elaborate, effective and efficient financial infrastructures with the local banking credit providers. Consequently, Lajo has the financial and technical capacity to undertake any Electrical, Telecommunication or Civil Works contract awarded, “however, within her limit of quality operational efficiency”.

In view of the above, the sponsors are religiously committed towards providing you with the highest Engineering standards in the market, and which shall be commensurate to your corporate public investment status. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the services rendered shall be of value addition to your investments, and by any extension be of significance importance towards the natural choice of cross-reference recommendation in the Engineering works.

Investment In The Construction, Electrical & Telecommunication Sectors

Lajo Engineering Works Limited sustains her quality standards of construction, Electrical and Telecommunication services, by managing a few contracts at any given period of time. The control of the contract numbers also contributes to their otherwise effective and efficient management of the investment cash flow fund. As of to date, they are limited to a multiple contract awards and whose values are in excess of fifty million Kenya shillings (Kshs. 50,000,000). However, a singular contract, and of the same value, is within their efficient ability.

Management Structures, Organizational Chart And Financial / Technical Capability Statement

4.1 Management Structures

Lajo Engineering Works Limited has an adequate human resource establishment in force, ten permanent staff. However, upon acquisition of sub-contract, the sponsors shall certainly engage more. As regards the casual workers, they will be hired within the geographical scope of the contract awards. The synergy combination of diversified skills of college training and working experience has been the asset tool, for Lajo Engineering Works Limited growth. At no point in time, though at pupilage status, have the workmanship been found wanting in technical construction standards, with material construction, save for the normal light occurrences. Consequently the company’s technical and management capacities are beyond reproach.

4.2 Organizational Chart

The enterprises management organizational chart is as follows:-

4.3 Financial and Technical Capability Statement

In spite of Lajo Engineering Works Limited being a medium sized investment, it has an effective and efficient financial infrastructure of networking with the local commercial credit providers. It has the financial capacity of executing contracts within the range of Ten million up to five million Kenya shillings (Kshs. 1,000,000, – 10,000,000). However, singular investment contract of about half a billion Kenya shillings are also within their financial comfort of management. The stated number of minimum and maximum contracts on (page 3) and their respective values are all within their efficient ability. For more details support, see the appendixes bank opinion letter and the audited end year financial statements.

4.4 Technical Capability

Though the sponsors maintain a skeleton technical staff, but commensurate to the volumes of work, recruiting or outsourcing additional experts, is within their ability. The local labour market experienced technical experts is plentiful. As of to date, the company has few permanent qualified and experienced engineers on their payroll. For more details see the appendices with curriculum vitae.

Market Clientele

Lajo Engineering Works Limited has a credible track record of experience in the Electrical, Telecommunication and Civil works. Some of her former clienteles are:-

Municipal Council of MavokoInstallation, Testing and Commissioning of Cisco Equipment  (Copy of Award letter  attached)
Office Of The President (State House)Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Security Communication Mast, Antenna, Power, Jammer, Detection Wireless Equipment , Fiber link And Data Equipment (Copies of LPO & Invoice attached)
National Intelligence Service (Through M/S Advanced Systems)Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Data Equipment, Antenna, Power, Jammer, Detection Wireless Equipment And Fiber link (Copies of LPO & Invoice attached)
Netco LtdInstallation, Testing and Commissioning of Nokia Equipment (Copy of Award letter  attached)
Kenya Utalii CollegeInstallation, Testing and Commissioning of Cisco Equipment (Copy of Award letter  attached)

Risk Assessment, Mitigation Strategies, Economic Benefits And Environmental

6.1 Risk Assessment

The sponsors of Lajo Engineering Works Limited are in full knowledge of the risks associated with the investment and the most significant ones being:-

  • Substandard Engineering services
  • Exorbitant working capital
  • Timely calendar of completions
  • Natural calamities

The above are however, of least attention as mitigation strategies for their solutions are fully developed.

6.2 Mitigation Strategies

  • Competent, experienced and technical staff in force, ensures quality standards of work
  • Tendering quotations are well factored so as not to occasion necessary variations
  • The sponsors tender contracting is always within their investment budget
  • Schedules of completion period are well factored so as not occasion necessary delays
  • Lajo is comprehensively insured against investment risks

6.3 Socio-Economic Benefits

Attendant socio-economic benefits Lajo Engineering Works  Limited shall among a host of benefits facilitate in the following:-

  • Youth skills empowerment (training)
  • Youth wealth creation
  • Youth employment creation
  • Taxes to the exchequer
  • Enhance clientele institutional operational efficiency

6.4 Environmental Effects

The investors are in full compliance with the statutory regulations pertaining to quality and safe health environmental management practices. It is a strategic mobilizer, of both the public and private sectors in tree planting afforestation programmes, as well as in gabion construction.